ABOUT this blog

Scribe Scribbling is an attempt by me, Ian the Green, to share what I am doing in the scribal world with others. Another resource I provide is the Scribal Resources for Scadians site.  I greatly appreciate comments and questions and while you’re here please click on the rating you feel each post and page deserve.

The background you are seeing is a picture I took of “Med Ren 29″ a book of hours written in central France between 1450 and 1499

I am involved in many activities in the SCA. This blog is dedicated to my scribal arts.  I love exploring the medieval methods, materials and techniques used by scribes to make the the written word come alive on the pages of manuscripts.  I am a calligrapher which means to me that I want to learn about the tools and materials that would have been used in the time period I study.  This way my writing will be more authentic to their writing.

My scribal activities include:

~ Calligraphy

~ Illumination (Gilding)

~ Parchment making

~ Ink making

~ Pigment making

~ Quill and reed pen making

~ Research,research, research

I hope that you enjoy my blog and find it useful as well.

I also run the Scribal Resources for Scadians web page

In Service,

The Honorable Lord Ian the Green, CE, CSO, APF, CCK, AoA

Shire of Greyhope, Region of Constellation, Middle Kingdom

5 responses to “ABOUT this blog

    • Thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate that you read my blog and I am honored that you find inspiration here.

      May I ask where in Asia you are?

      Please let me know what you like and I can try to put up more of the subject.

  1. Hello your honorable sir!! I am in Melbourne Australia. I have just begun teaching a 2 year calligraphy certificate course at RMIT University. This is after a break from teaching of many years. I am a professional calligrapher and have earned living from the art and related services for over 25 years. It is a passion which grows and thankfully people like you are firing that passion and fueling my creative life and now teachings with generously given information through your blogs. I am encouraging my students to research through the web and to connect with the wealth knowledge available. Many thanks and good luck with your big move Cheers Lauchean

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