Scribal Funk and Artist Block

You have the thought to get over to your work space and do some scribing.  And then it just doesn’t happen or when you get there, you just aren’t feeling it.  How do you deal with these moments?  Well, scribes aren’t the only ones who feel this way.  All artists, crafts people and frankly workers of any kind feel this way on occasion.  Often people refer to this as being in a funk, or for us scribes a scribal funk.  One cause of it can be “Artist Block” A good bullet point article on overcoming artist block:’s-Block

But how do you get over the funk?

First try to figure out why you are in the funk.  There are many reasons, tired, stress, little time to do the project perfectly the way you want and many many more. Sometimes you, “Just aren’t feeling it.”

For days when the only real reason is, “You just aren’t feeling it,” I recommend smiling to yourself and sitting down and doing something small and fun.  For me I sit down and do some pen warm ups similar to this. Sometimes this is just drawing lines and other times it is writing out fun pangrams or both.  I find when I spend 15 minutes working through the “I just don’t feel like its” using fun things, I end up feeling much better.  I don’t always end up wanting to do more, but I do walk away feeling better about my art and myself.

Part of being an artist – and calligraphers certainly are artists – is wanting to turn in the perfect piece.  We have good taste after all and we want to always be doing better.  Well, don’t let your good taste get in the way of you doing projects.  Nobody is perfect so don’t hold yourself to that standard.  Yes, work to improve, but you can’t work to improve if you aren’t going to work on your projects.  You may need to break up your project into bite size pieces and take the project one piece at a time.  You don’t need to do everything at once.  In fact most scribal projects turn out best when you give the art some breaks.

Tired and stress.  In today’s world and times there are two factors that can really do you in.  Remember your art is fun!  Or at least it should be for you.This fun can recharge you.  But so can taking a nap.  Remember to take care of yourself first.  Unless you have a looming immediate deadline, the art can wait a couple hours for you to take a nap and recharge your batteries.  Then get up and work on the project, even if it is only for 15 minutes.  You then recharge the fun battery too.  Become an opportunist when it comes to your art.  When you have some down time, sneak over to the art project and do some work on it.  Enjoy that you’re sneaking away to do it.  Just make sure to take care of your life first.

Scribal funk and artist block are things we all have to deal with and learning how is part of becoming a better person and a better scribe.  Recharge your energy and your fun batteries, do 15 minutes of practice pieces to get through the funk and give yourself permission not to meet the height of your tastes, after all you will get there.  These tips won’t solve all the things that come up, but they are useful for these things when they do come up.

Enjoy your scribbling!

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