Lucky Finds

A cheap way to get 4 line embossers and a paper pricker. Found at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 at the wood working area. From tree house studio.


For those wondering what use these tools would be to a calligrapher, I say, “Good question!”

There are essentially two ways to line your writing surface.

1 – You can mark the line with something colored.  This could be paint, lead/tin stylus, silver point, powder rubbed on strings then pressed onto the writing surface and many other ways to use color to mark where your lines are.

2 – You can create an indentation in the page where the lines go. This can be done by embossing, by scratching, by laying string down and pressing so hard the lines show up on your writing surface, using the back of the point of your knife and any other way you can think of.

So the embossing points can be very good to have if you wish to try to line your writing surface by indenting it.

So, how do you know where to put the lines?

This is where the pricking tool comes in handy.  In today’s world we can use an Ame’s Lettering Guide, using a ruler and marking intervals, using a divider and other similar means.  Medieval scribes used preset lines and some other tools.  They have various ways to mark where to put the lines as well.  One method was to prick the writing surface where the lines were supposed to go.  Sometimes they used a prick like the one in the picture and sometimes they used a knife point or some other point that made triangle shaped holes.

So this packet of embossers and a pricker is an awesome find.  Considering that assembling the various tools can cost you over $40 and this is for less than $8 it is absolutely a steal for anyone who is interested in trying out some medieval techniques for lining their writing surface.


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