Some Clarification on the Ink Making

Back on December 1, 2013 I told you about the conclusion of the ink experiments.  I’ve had a couple conversations that made me think it would be good to do some clarifying of what was going on and what wasn’t going on.

The ink making experiment was and experiment.  I purposefully did not follow a period recipe.  Instead I took ingredients in period recipes and used them.  I did this to do some basic experimenting to see what happens when in the process and if how you add ingredients and when you add ingredients matters.  The answer as you likely know, was a resounding yes!

In other words this was an experiment purposefully trying to break the ink making system to see what happens when you don’t do things according to plan.  The answer is, you get ink that isn’t black.  And if that is the color you were shooting for, well then you have failed.  However, not all ink was black.  There are brown inks that were used.

So the next thing I will be doing is once again making ink from period recipes.

Sample 5 is a period-esque ink recipe of my own making.  I adopted a very simple ink recipe, changed a few things and added egg shell to it.  As you see it came out very black.  I did use a very large nib, a Speedball C-1, which is about 3mm in width.  Writing at a 4X ladder the X height would be 12mm or roughly a half inch.  My normal writing  nib size is .75mm making my normal 4X height 3mm.  At the smaller nib sizes this ink writes entirely black.

I hope these clarifications are useful to helping others understand the process I am going through more more clearly.

As always please feel free to make comments, rate posts and generally make yourselves politely at home here.

Thanks for reading!

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