Constellation Scribal Event – April 20, 2013

Greetings unto you from THLord Ian the Green,

In the Middle Kingdom, the Shire of Mynydd Seren (Bloomington, IN) will be hosting the Constellation Scribal Retreat on April 20, 2013.

This is a Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) sponsored event (no it isn’t RUM, it is sponsored by RUM. For more information as to what that means feel free to contact the Dean of RUM Master Llewellyn ap Tiernon

A scribal play area will be set aside. I will be bringing my portable scribal table as well as quills, inks, parchment scraps and other materials and tools. It would be grand if others would bring their scribal materials, tools and such as well for others to try out. No matter what, please bring your projects, materials, tools and such so that you can work on projects while you’re here at the event and share.

We have some classes lined up already including a class on Online resources and research by Iohhanes von Weisswald

We hope to be having classes on Layout, Ink making, scripts of calligraphy, Period materials, period tools

If you have never taught a class before but have been wanting to do a class this is the perfect time to get out there and do so. If you have something you well versed in the knowledge of and want to teach, this is also a great time for you to do so. Anything scribal related is fair game! Please contact me.

Also I am working on something I hope will be wonderful. Some one on one tutoring time with a Peer in Calligraphy and/or Illumination. There will be a space set aside for the tutoring. A schedule of which peer doing a 50 minute sitting or two 20 minute sittings. Then you can sign up BEFORE THE EVENT to get some one on one tutoring with that peer. Some peers have already volunteered. If you are a peer for your work in Calligraphy and/or Illumination and would be willing to take a slot that would be amazingly wonderful. Please contact me.  Signing up for time with a peer will happen later. Don’t worry, I’ll announce it.

And if that isn’t enough for you, I will be contacting the Lilly Library to see if I can arrange a one to two hour exhibition of period manuscripts for us to politely drool over and handle and inspect and look at.

Also the Dragon Signet THL Justice McArtain has graciously agreed to do the keynote speech!

We will have lunch on site but there will be no feast. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels nearby as well.

As you can probably tell, we are still building this event and with your help we can make this the scribal event others are jealous they missed! Please come one and all and help spread the scribal love.

Website to be up shortly. I will of course post it when it goes live. In the mean time all inquiries, comments, suggestions and VOLUNTEERING REQUESTS can be sent to me.

Yours In Service,

THLord Ian the Green

“Verum resistit simplicitate.”

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