Soaking Ink Progress Report

I can hear it now, how much progress can there be in just over 48 hours?

Enough that I thought I should share it instead of risking forgetting it.

For those who are wondering what I’m talking about read this post first.

The recipe calls to stir the ingredients often.  It doesn’t say how often or how many times a day.  So I’ve stirred it a few times a day.  At first the dry gum arabic I put in it was doing what you might expect, gumming things up.  The wooden spoon would pick up undissolved gum arabic, that would get on the oak galls floating on top of the solution and in general made it difficult to stir the mix.  Yet, it must be done, so I did it.  I found that if you stirred around the outside first and then made sure to scrape the bottom middle and sides it was easier to stir.  If I swished the wooden spoon back and forth above the bottom of the bucket but below the oak galls I got less gum arabic on the oak galls.

I made sure to go out of my way to find any and all gum arabic on the bottom of the bucket and made sure to stir it into the rest of the solution as much as was reasonable.  I stirred for no more than 5 minutes each time and probably more like 2-3 minutes most of the time.  Well less than 48 hours of stirring and there is no more solid gum arabic in the bucket that I can find.  I expected it to take longer than it did.

I also decided to dip a speedball C-1 nib into the pot and do some sample strokes on a piece of paper.  I will be doing this for every day of this process.  I want to see how this is progressing into being what I hope is a very black ink.  Taking samples from each day with the same nib should go a long way getting a visible answer.  I also decided today (day 2) that I would make marks on the side of the paper so that I can look at them under my microscope.  Hopefully I will be able to share the pictures of what it looks like under a microscope with you.

This process of writing sample strokes and on the edge of the paper may shed some light on the previous ink experiments I did New Year’s Ink

Thanks for keeping up with my progress. Don’t forget to rate each post entry.


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