Fiber Tip Pens


So what do you do when you want to do some practice work but can’t bring along your dip pens or cartridge pens?

Fiber tip Pens are great for that. Any chisel tip marker will work, but ones like these are designed for it. They probably should not be used for finished work in the SCA, but they are great for doing practice stuff where ever you go. Something else to keep in mind is that the edges and corners of fiber pens break down making the calligraphy lose its crispness.

My wife bought these for me today.

2 responses to “Fiber Tip Pens

  1. I give away fiber pens like this at my calligraphy classes so people have something to practice with, but during the class, I try to get a dip pen in everyone’s hands for at least a few minutes so they can feel the difference and how much more control you have with a real nib. They’re great learning tools!

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