Soaking ink – Day 7 Comparison

So here I am on day seven of the ink soaking experiment.  Compared to most ink batches that I make, this is pretty slow.  And I’ve noticed something interesting about the ink when I write with it.  I will show you what I mean.

7 days of ink minus day 6

7 days of ink minus day 6

I missed day six.  I meant to leave it blank but the calligrapher in me refused to allow that.  And so it wasn’t until after I was done with the line that I realized that I had forgotten to skip the day 6 line.  So I relabeled it and drew a line through what used to be day 7.  This will help keep me on track with the correct day.

Notice something interesting?  Days 1-5 are all brownish.  Day 7 is black/grey.  The ink was fresh on the page when I took this picture.  Since day 3 each entry has looked black/grey and then over time because the brownish color you are seeing.  I wonder what is going on here.  Is the tannic acid just not leached enough from the oak galls?  We shall see how things progress through day 14.

On the bottom left of the photo is the double ended pen holder I have been using when writing the marks.  This is on my 45 degree slope period-esque “portable” scribal desk.


4 responses to “Soaking ink – Day 7 Comparison

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    • Thanks for stopping by and for your question.

      Yes, it has gotten darker. On Saturday I plan to put up a post about the progress of the ink and what has happened and what is happening.

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