What else is going on out there?

I decided that I wanted to use my blog to promote what other people are doing. After all, I’m just one person and what I do, while interesting, isn’t the only game in town.  There are so many other artists out there doing SCA scribal arts that deserve to be seen and recognized for what they do.

So, from now on, during the first week of the month, I will post about other people’s work and when possible give links to their blogs and web pages.

Medieval Whimsies –  The Journey of a Geek in Training

This is the blog of Isabel Chamberlan.  I find this blog impressive for several reasons.  First of all the pictures of court scrolls she has done are wonderful!  A very good place to get some inspiration for your scroll work.  But that isn’t the only reason, she also talks about gilding techniques and mediums, shows pictures of the step by step process and even talks about how to prepare pergamenata.

On a more personal note, she is also a fencer as well as a scribe, very much like I am.  Enjoy perusing her blog, I know I have!

Diaries of a Manuscript Junkie

Who doesn’t love the title of this blog?  On the name alone I just had to check out this blog.  And it doesn’t disappoint.  Excellent pictures of works done, including a step by step of some diapering(esque) illumination.  Fun blog to read and informative!  Good work Saraswati called Ruth.

Aryanhwy’s Calligraphy and Illumination

This blog has some great side by side comparisons of the modern art next to the period example it was taken from.  Kudos to Arywanhwy for having the courage to do side by side comparisons.  And for using period inspirations for doing her work!  Plenty of eye candy for just about anyone to look at.  Take some time to poke around this blog.

Annisa Gabrielli

There is a lot going on with this blog.  However, she keeps things very easily separated so the link provides should land you squarely in her scribal activities.  At first one can’t help but be slightly disappointed.  It looks like just a bunch of links.  Slow down and take your time. Each link shows you something this artist has done and it is well worth taking a look at.

If you have a blog or webpage you would like to see included (yours or somebody else’s) in my monthly posts promoting other people’s work, send me a link to them!  I plan to post an average of 4 other blogs each time I do this so your help will be greatly appreciated!  If you have already sent me a link and wonder why it I did not include it, please be patient, I will post it another month.  Keep an eye out for it and you will see it soon.

I will also be putting the links and descriptions onto a blog page so that they can be enjoyed time and again by people without having to dig for all of them.

That page is located here.

5 responses to “What else is going on out there?

  1. Thanks for the nod! Your comments about my work are interesting because they show how different scribal IKA can be: I wouldn’t imagine not basing my scroll work on period exemplars! (For two reason: One, I’m not comfortable enough with the art side of things to be able to make up my own designs; Two, because we’re trying to re-create period-style manuscripts, so where else to get inspiration than the actual thing!

    • Well it isn’t inter-kingdom anthropology that makes me note your period inspiration. Instead it comes more from a history of seeing period and non-period decoration and illumination. Also, side by side comparison opens one up to criticism that the reproduction is not accurate enough.

      I find such criticisms are often inappropriate despite being often made. There is also a difference between period inspired and reproduction.

      • Comments about inaccuracy in reproduction don’t really bother me, because I go in to my scroll work knowing that all of my materials are modern. So, I’m not surprised at all if the result is inauthentic! I’m happy if what I turned out is anything close to what I envisioned in my mind, and if it passes the “arm’s length” test. 🙂

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