What does Youtube have to offer for scribes?

This is a question I get asked when I mention video links to people for them to watch.  I get asked this a lot and it surprises me.

Youtube has a lot to offer anyone looking for anything really.  For me who is interested in arts and sciences found in the pre-1600 world, especially in the scribal arts, there seems to be no end of good how-to videos, science of scribal arts, history videos and entertaining videos.  I don’t want to overload anyone so here are just a few of the videos available.

How To

How to make a medieval penEnglish Heritage

Shows you a way to cut a quill, talks about the history and the pen knife.  There are better videos than this one for learning to cut a quill but like this one for how well rounded it is.

Painting illuminations from the Codex Manesse – Gael Stirler, SCA Mistress Dairine mor o’ uHigin, OL.

A 37 minute instruction on how to paint what you would see in the Codex Manesse

Science of Scribal Arts

Investigating pigments in art and archaeology (30 June 2011) – British Museum


Dark Ages Renaissance of Northern Europe BBC Documentary

This is really about a variety of arts in northern Europe but the theme running through it is the written word.  It shows a basic way to Celtic Knot Work (called interlacing) and spends some time handling and exploring the Lindesfarne Gospels, even showing the monastery in ruins and the Pilgrim’s Way.

The Making of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts – Dr. Sally Dormer – Gresham College

A lecture with wonderful examples on the subject.

Illuminations – The Private Lives of Medieval Kings – Part 1 of 6

Part one of a six part series on the British Libraries books for Royalty.  Rarely seen by anyone who is not a member of the Royalty.


Medieval Help Desk – Learning how to use a book.

Scribe Song – words by HL Ingeborg bildsbriotr Ulfsdottir music by Master Dolan Madoc of Harlech

There is so much more on Youtube that is available.  Please make use of the excellent resource that it is.

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