Ink and Scribal Resources

Not only do I make ink, but I sell it as well.  I don’t sell very much of it because I give away about 90% of my ink.  The other 10% I sell so that I have money to make more ink!

My ink is being sold by Mistress Ellen of the Scholars on her Etsy store.

I also wanted to put up a link to a website I run called Scribal Resources for Scadians.  Yes, there are ads on it and no, I don’t control the ads in anyway.  I’m not allowed to even try to control the content of the ads.  The ads I have see though are often enough focused on arts, though not always.  Take a look around and see what you can see.

If you know of any other excellent resources out there, let me know.  I’ll add them to the new page I made for people to use!


Okay so remember the Soaking Ink Series I did?

I figured out what the problem has been.  You see it hasn’t gotten any darker and it is more than a month later.  So what gives?

Answer:  The oak galls just don’t have enough tannic acid in them.  Yup.

How did that happen?

The oak galls were sent to me by my wife’s best friend in Texas.  She had all sorts of oak galls on her lawn  So she gathered up a few gallon zip lock bags worth and sent them to me.  Well that’s great!

Problem:  They have been sitting out in the sun, getting rained on and in essentially being leached of much of their tannic acid.  So, any ink being made from those oak galls is going to be weak and not very black at all.  So, I need to get new oak galls and make sure they are fully potent one.  Remember that lesson from me, so you don’t have to learn it for yourself.

Make sure your oak galls are fairly fresh and fairly potent.  Picking them up off the ground is fine, as long as they don’t have that “weathered” look.

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