I decided that I wanted to use my blog to promote what other people are doing. After all, I’m just one person and what I do, while interesting, isn’t the only game in town.  There are so many other artists out there doing SCA scribal arts that deserve to be seen and recognized for what they do.

A general see a whole lot from a variety of different people.  It is a Flickr Pool of SCA Illuminations!


The nice thing about a Flicker Pool is that you can contact the person who put up the picture and likely be able to get a hold of the artist and talk with them about what they were doing.  And you get artists from all over that you otherwise would not be in contact with.  In many ways it is the ultimate group source for SCA Illumination!

Along those lines, Pinterest can be great as well.


It is more of a general pool but if you search around Pinterest I’m pretty sure you will find more focused pages.

Of course there is also the semi-commercial sites to check out:


I really like this site because it shows so many other things we as scribes can be doing if we want to be.

Of course I still love to show off the personal sites.  They really show off how you are not alone in what you are doing.


The name, (or is it names?) of this blog are just fun.  Check it out.  The author is making ink and has other scribal projects as well.

Dark Side Scribe is rather an evocative title and geeky.


Check out the pictures and the explanations.  There is a lot going on and its very easy to use and navigate around in.

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