Manuscripts in the News 6-7-13

Normally in the first week of the month I put up links to other people’s blog and websites or I post a guest bloggers article.  I had asked someone if they wished to write an article and they agreed, but life happens and hobbies are not as important as paying the bills, taking care of family and the like.  Hopefully they will be able to write the article soon enough and you will get to read it.  I did receive some suggested ideas previous to this article being written.  Thank you very much to those people and I may use your ideas another time.

If you know of any blogs or webpages that you think deserve to have some light shined on them please feel free to contact me at  I love being able to use this blog to spotlight the work of others.  And no, it does not have to be just scribal related things.  Thanks.

So, on to the substitution article.

Manuscripts in the news.  It is rather amazing how often ancient, classical, dark age, medieval and renaissance hand written manuscripts show up in the news.  We hear about them being saved in Timbuktu, in Syria, and in Egypt as of late.  We hear about them being discovered in the mantles of doorways, in abandoned caves and in many other ways.  And in many ways the extraordinary lengths that people go to protect and to find manuscripts explains at least a little bit why people like me study period manuscripts and attempt to recreate them as they could have been.

Curious Cat Walks Over Medieval Manuscript

DNA May Reveal Origins of Medieval Manuscripts

Discovery of the Earliest Illuminated Manuscript

Mysterious Manuscripts Age Determined

Timbuktu Mayor: Mali Rebels Torched Library of Historic Manuscripts

How Timbuktu’s Manuscripts Were Saved From the Jihadists

Digitally Unrolling Historical Scroll

I hope you enjoy these articles and that they inspire you to find more of them and to learn more about medieval manuscripts from around the world.


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