Let me tell you a story

Every month I try to showcase the work of other people during the first week of the month.

So I know this guy.   Honestly, I can’t tell you that I know him well despite him being a member of the household I belong to in the SCA.  He is a member of another household that I happen to treasure one of the two heads of that household and worked with very closely for a year.   Everything I have seen him do in the SCA, he does, he does full tilt.  And I mean, full tilt.

This year at Pennsic he showed up as a monk, wearing wood rimmed glasses he made himself, heck I think everything he made himself, under a vow of silence and without any money with him partook of the largest SCA event of the year.  He traded his labor for food and places to sleep.  He has caused quite a bit of a stir in what he did because he did it so very well.

He has received much in the way of praise by all who speak of him, including several peers of the realm.

On his blog he details how he made his entire kit.  His drinking bottle, his glasses, his pen knife, his penner, his pouch, a wax table to communicate with others and well everything.

Brother Matthew is his monk persona name, he is also known as Ercc Glaison.  Go read his blog and see why so many people find him and his work amazing.


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