First Post From the Phone.

Hello from my word press phone app.  I thought I would try a post from the app.  If it works well enough I hope to use it a bit more often.

We have talked about ink, paper, Gum Sandarac, lots of manuscripts, calligraphy and more.  Yet there is always more to talk about and more to learn.

Music.  What?!  Yes music.  When I do calligraphy I don’t want to be talking to people but I don’t want silence either.  The solution for me is music.  And it might be good for you as well.

So what kind of music?  Avoid music with words.  You may end up writing what you are listening to.  Something else to think about is the beat of the music.  If the beat is irregular your writing may be as well.

The music doesn’t have to be calm or soft.  That might be good for some people but for others something faster or louder works.    I listen to Enya, Riverdance, Aral, techno and others.  Find what works for you.

Last thing to think about.  Whatever you listen to make sure you don’t switch it around too often.  You will find you writing gets used to the musical pattern and changing it around too much can cause some interesting calligraphy confusion.


Well this is from my PC.  It seems that there were a couple of typos (fixed) and what felt and looked long on the phone was really pretty short.

What did you folks think of it?


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