Latest Scroll

This past weekend was an SCA event of importance and awards were given out.  I did one of the awards and thought I would share it with you.

Evergreen - Rois - 10-19-13003As always click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version of it.

The illumination was done by someone else.  I forgot to write down who it was, I do apologize.  I matched the illumination style with a script called Insular Majuscule.  The illumination was done in the style of…

Nope, not the Book of Kells

Instead it is from The Book of Durrow, Very similar books but distinctly different as well.  Both of course are beautiful.

I used a carbon black ink instead of an iron gall ink.  I used a technique called rubrication where important parts were written in red ink.  Rubrication was used to draw the eye and “highlight,” important things to the reader.  In this case I rubricated the names.

And congratulations to the recipient.


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