The Year in Review


I hardly can.  I’ve been doing this blog for a year on October 27, 2012.  I have more than 15,000 views and the response and support I received has been simply amazing to me.  I am beyond tickled that people have found my blog useful enough to pay any attention to it,

When I started Scribescribbling I knew that I would be writing an obscure blog whose intent was to help an obscure group of people.  My goal was to help those that I would likely never meet improve their art, skills and knowledge of historical calligraphy .  I my posts to be accessable and interesting. This meant that the posts should be kept short.  I gave myself a guideling of 750 word limit for my posts that I mostly kept.

My next goal was for the blog to cover things that I remember having a hard time with including finding period manuscripts as well as information that would be useful to the average beginner that I felt somehow gets skipped.  I hoped the blog would be useful to scribes in the SCA by helping them become better skilled, informed and knowledgeable scribes.

Well, the feedback I have received says I succeeded, and the views I have received tells me I’m doing something interesting.  I admit, I am not a professional writer and am always looking for ways to improve my writing and to write interesting and useful posts.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me here or at my e-mail,

This is supposed to be a year in review so with no further ado, let’s review.

Top 3 Posts:

1 – “12 Years in the Making – Nihthauk’s Bronze Ring Scroll

2 – “Oak Gall Inks – Comparison of Four

3 – “Carolingian Minuscule

Most Views in One Day:

– 348

Number of posts:

This is number 74

Top 3 Referring sites:

1 – Facebook

2 – Search Engines (Mostly Google)

3 – Linkedin

Top Search Engine Topic:


Month with the most views:

– July 2013

Countries My Blog Has Been Viewed From:

I’m only sharing those countries that have 11 or more views. This is the one  statistic that always just amazes me with 45 different countries!

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 10,938
Canada FlagCanada 671
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 545
France FlagFrance 329
Australia FlagAustralia 250
Finland FlagFinland 183
Philippines FlagPhilippines 176
Germany FlagGermany 145
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 121
Mexico FlagMexico 98
Italy FlagItaly 93
Sweden FlagSweden 93
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 89
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 85
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 84
Spain FlagSpain 83
Hungary FlagHungary 83
India FlagIndia 79
Belgium FlagBelgium 76
Denmark FlagDenmark 68
Israel FlagIsrael 63
Ireland FlagIreland 62
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 61
Brazil FlagBrazil 60
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 56
Serbia FlagSerbia 42
Japan FlagJapan 41
Turkey FlagTurkey 39
Romania FlagRomania 37
Poland FlagPoland 33
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 32
Argentina FlagArgentina 26
Pakistan FlagPakistan 23
Singapore FlagSingapore 21
Norway FlagNorway 19
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 19
Malta FlagMalta 19
Portugal FlagPortugal 16
Kuwait FlagKuwait 14
Austria FlagAustria 13
Croatia FlagCroatia 13
Lebanon FlagLebanon 13
Lithuania FlagLithuania 12
Egypt FlagEgypt 11
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 11

It has been an amazing year for me.  The consistent attention that my blog receives is so inspiring to me and moreso that it comes from a truly international community.  Thank you all so very much!  This Blog has been a work of love and support to you in the scribal world in the SCA and out of it.  I thank you from the bottom of my inky heart for your interest and your support.

I hope that this following year I will be able to continue to provide good information for you but in a much better way.

Yours in Service,

Ian the Green

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