Black and White – Its what we deal with

Its true as scribes modern and medieval (re-creationists) we deal with black and white.  yes, parchment in period (and today) is most often white because of the way it is prepared (if done properly.)  Our ink is most often black.

Today in the modern world we have so many choices.  We have paper of every color, shade and tint and if that isn’t enough for you, we have paper with patterns on them and well, it can easily boggle the brain.  Ink comes in a bewildering assortment of colors, pearls and shiney flakes.  There’s water based, acrylic, varnish and whatever else you can think of.

The medieval scribe had a much more limited selection.  Parchment, velum, papyrus and tree bark as regular writing surfaces.  Inks were limited in color.  Yet they did amazing work that even today catches the viewer’s breath.

This past Saturday I was honored to have a scroll I did given to the recipient.  I am told the recipient teared up upon receiving the scroll.  There are many possible reasons but as the scribe who did the scroll I like to think I was just highly complimented.  And all I did was work with white on black.  You read that correctly.  White ink on black paper.

Dragon's Heart - Grant of Arms Service - Middle Kingdom

Dragon’s Heart – Grant of Arms Service – Middle Kingdom

The badge of the dragon’s heart was done by a painter that wasn’t me and I don’t have permission to publish the name of though their name was read in court as one of the scribes who contributed.

EDIT:  The recipient for this Middle Kingdom Grant Level service award was immediately put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

Simple can be breathtaking and beautiful.

Ink – Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White watered down and put into a sea shell.

Paper – Strathmore Artagain Drawing Paper – Coal Black 24 sheet pad

Pen – Quill and Brausse 0.75 mm

Script – Batarde French 1450 – 1499


Due commendations and greetings from Cameron and Amalie Rex et Regina Mediterranei, right mindful of the high esteem in which Mairie ingen Danith is held by our Kingdom and Ourselves, for her tireless service in support of the rapier community, and being an all around outstanding supporter of her Kingdom and her Barony, and we are minded to make her a Companion of the Order of the Dragon’s Heart.  Done by our hands this 24 May 2014, AS XLIX (49),at Our Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S in our Barony of Sternfeld.


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