A hodgepodge is defined by Mirriam-Webster’s  dictionary as, “Noun:  a heterogeneous mixture :  jumble <a hodgepodge of styles>”  I prefer to think of it as a confused mixture.

I have a few projects that I’m working on but none of them can be revealed at this time. Hopefully in the next month or so, but possibly never.   So I haven’t been posting anything.  I love doing my blog too much to let it languish any longer.  So I present to you a hodgepodge of medieval resources and “stuff.”

First – A blog that think will be of interest to anyone who likes medieval history.


I am a Medievalist and an artist and hold a BA degree in Medieval Studies from UC Davis. I am working on being a writer, working on art commissions and working on getting into film. I show horses and enjoy reading.

Next I bring to you “The Geese Book”


” One of the most interesting manuscripts of the late Middle Ages is now available online – The Geese Book, a lavishly and whimsically illuminated, two-volume liturgical book, can now be accessed through a project from the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.” via medievalist.com

A video about:

London’s Medieval Pottery – from the London Museum of Archeology

In case you did not know the “Book of Kells” is digitized and available online for free:


The Libraries of St. Gall and Reichenau:


To put it mildly the manuscripts that came from Reichnau were considered masterful works and were so well known they were commission by Kings and the Pope.  I was in Reichenau but on the day the museum was closed so I missed it all.

An online digital repository of manuscript listings.  It is searchable in many different ways. This link is the the basic search but you can do a more extensive advanced search merely by clicking on the button for that.


And some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Click on the picture and you will open up a new page and be able to see the picture in much greater clarity.

Tiny period Manuscript.  Adomeit 9.

Tiny period Manuscript. Adomeit 9.


Depiction of a Medieval Scribe in Ricketts 20.

Depiction of a Medieval Scribe in Ricketts 20.

Rickets 20.  Full page of script

Rickets 20. Full page of script

I hope you have enjoyed this hodgepodge of stuff.  More importantly I hope you find some of it useful

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