Video resources for Calligraphers

The modern medieval scribe has many resources they can use to learn from and can help them improve their skills.  YouTube videos can be very helpful indeed.  Sorting through the random videos can be a skill unto itself.  I find that if I include terms such as “nib” “quill” “medieval” “Calligraphy” that I get results that I can deal with more easily.  Here are some videos from a variety of sources.  They are purposefully geared toward helping a new-ish scribe.

Cutting a feather into a quill pen.

How Nibs Work.  Includes three methods of prepping of new nibs as well as why and how a pen works

Preparing your modern metal nibs using flame.  This is one of several ways to do it.  I have found that calligraphers do not always know how to prepare their brand new nibs.

Filling your nib using a brush instead of dipping it.

Thank you and I hope this opens up a new world of helpful resources for you.

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