Adrienne d’Evreus does really great work. Check out her stuff.

Greetings unto you from THL Ian the Green now of Ansteorra formerly of the Middle Kingdom of the SCA.

It has been my joy and my honor in the past to tell you of the work of other Scadians.  This post continues that tradition with those posts.

Adrienne d’Evreus (formerly Adrienne d’Evreaux) first came to my attention as a scribe.  But she does much more than that.  She also make pigments but that’s scribal related isn’t it?  She makes cheese and cooks as well.  In other words she does more than merely concentrate in one area.

She has many posts on her blog “The Scientist’s Scroll” and you rather easily spend you time in many worse ways than to visit her blog for an hour or two for a few weeks.  Her blog is full of information about many topics.  I very much enjoy her posts about pigment making.  I find the insight into what happens in the pigment making and why to be very helpful and I’ve been making pigments for a while now.  She makes the science of what is happening both accessible and understandable to everyone.  This is a rare and important skill for all teachers and Adrienne has it in droves.

She is also very personable in my experience.  I have chatted with her in PMs on Facebook as well as in discussion threads.  She isn’t afraid to ask others for help when she doesn’t have the answers.  This is something I find admirable in a person.  Knowing we don’t know everything and not being afraid of that creates a more honest exchange of information that allows a free flow of ideas.  It also shows an honest integrity about sharing information and an eagerness to learn more no matter how much she already knows, which is a considerable amount.

Take some time to check out her blog and see what you can see and what you can learn.  I think you’ll find it a very worthwhile use of your time and informative on many levels.


One response to “Adrienne d’Evreus does really great work. Check out her stuff.

  1. Lord Ian, this is what I love in the SCA. Lifting others up for notice. It distressed me when it isn’t done.
    Thank you for upholding the best of our tradition. Claude Marie (mka Jennifer Hill)

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