Three Years of Blogging.

Today marks the end of the third year of this blog.

In that time as of this writing I have received 47,912 hits.  I have written 128 posts including this one and there have been 304 comments.  People from 134 countries and/or zones of special sovereignty have visited my blog the top 40 of which are:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 31,846
Canada FlagCanada 2,627
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 2,181
Australia FlagAustralia 1,014
Philippines FlagPhilippines 863
France FlagFrance 730
India FlagIndia 520
Germany FlagGermany 493
Spain FlagSpain 457
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 441
Italy FlagItaly 422
Poland FlagPoland 377
Ireland FlagIreland 330
Finland FlagFinland 273
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 237
Mexico FlagMexico 233
Brazil FlagBrazil 219
Russia FlagRussia 218
Belgium FlagBelgium 195
Sweden FlagSweden 192
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 188
Singapore FlagSingapore 183
Turkey FlagTurkey 172
South Korea FlagSouth Korea 167
Denmark FlagDenmark 160
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 146
Israel FlagIsrael 137
Japan FlagJapan 135
Taiwan FlagTaiwan 124
Hong Kong SAR China FlagHong Kong SAR China 124
Hungary FlagHungary 120
Serbia FlagSerbia 109
Greece FlagGreece 99
Portugal FlagPortugal 98
Romania FlagRomania 95
Argentina FlagArgentina 82
Norway FlagNorway 71
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 69
Malta FlagMalta 68
Pakistan FlagPakistan 68

Lots of sites have been linking to my blog.  The most surprising and awesome one for me was Stanford linking to my blog for ink ingredients modern and medieval

My jaw dropped when it saw this.

My jaw dropped when it saw this.

And search engines are sending people to my blog by the thousands, even more than links on facebook and other social media sites.

Honestly it is a bit overwhelming to me.  In truth I am just one of many.  I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me.  My Calligraphy Mentor and Laurl that got me started is Magdalena von der Plesse, OL whom I met and learned from for three years in the Middle Kingdom.  Truly one of the most patient and kind people I have ever met in my life.  And her knowledge seems to know no boundaries though it certainly must for we are all human and have limits.  Not of any less value I also learned from her Husband Peter the Goldsmith, OE.  His knowledge is encyclopedic about calligraphy as well as its tools and materials.  He also has an amazing ability to make just about anything.  This pair of wonderful human beings are the ones who started me down the scribal path.  Their energy and kindness made that happen.  I certainly wouldn’t have gotten started on it without them.

They learned from others and passed that on to me. I learned from a wide array of people after Magdalena and Peter moved away and I value what I have learned from them.  None of us does this without the benefit of those who came before us.  And I truly treasure Magdalena and Peter more than one can express.

Who knew that a fateful visit in May of 2005 would have led to my life being taken over by this wonderful art that we practice?

Thank you Magdalena and Peter!

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