Internet Resources for Scadians

I use a lot of online internet resources for my research for what I do.  When you think about it, in the so-called information age we live in that makes sense.  There is a rather interesting joke that says, “I hold in my hand a device that is capable of accessing the sum total of the knowledge of the human race.  I use it to argue with people and post pictures of cats.”  Well, it may be a bit of an overstatement to say that your phone can access the sum total of human knowledge but computers really can access a lot more knowledge than what we usually use them for.  The trick is with so much out there finding the kind of information you want from reputable reliable sources on the internet can be very difficult.

I’m here to help you out with that just a bit.  These sources are heavily stacked toward scribal resources but they aren’t the only ones I’m sharing here.


British Museum Walk Around Powered by Google Maps(c) you really can walk around all the public areas of the British Museum.  Yes, you can even look at the Rosetta Stone.

Inventories of War Soldiers’ Kits from 1066 to 2014 A photographic display of what individual soldiers would have carried on them when out in the field on campaign.

Fiber arts

Dizzy Prints Fiber Burn Chart  Ever wondered what kind of fabric something was?  Light it on fire and how it burns and what the remains look like can tell you.  No we’re not kidding.

On-Line Digital Archive of documents on weaving and related topics The title says it all.  Alphabetically listed with downloadable .pdfs in many cases.

Scottish Clothing from .  From evidence for the Scottish Great Kilt to women’s clothing and more.  If you have ever tried to find Scottish clothing information you know how hard it can be.  Here is a start for you.

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont  If it has to do with pulling thread through fabric with a needle or something resembling a needle this seems to be a one stop extravaganza for you.  Neatly done with a linked table of contents so you can look for what you want and be taken directly there.

Research – Artifacts  – If you’re looking for examples of an object these sites can help.

Museum of London – Online Collections  The simple search for the items they have cataloged and available online.  You can click on advanced search just under the large “GO” button if you want a more detailed way of finding things.

The British Museum – Collection Online  Also the simple search.  The advanced search is all in red and had a red box with a white + in it if you desire a more detailed way of finding things.

Portable Antiquities Scheme  “The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a DCMS funded project to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales.”

Scribal Arts

John Neal Bookseller – My favorite commercial supplier of Calligraphy and Illumination Supplies. You can call them about products and information. They speak scadian and even have scadians who work there.

Cutting a Quill into a pen  How to cut a feather into  a quill pen.  I learned a different way and this is now my preferred method.

Making Iron Gall Ink  Yes, this is one of my blog posts.

Pigments Through the Ages – A wonderful walk through of various pigments using a variety of ways to explore them.

Pigments: Historical Chemical and Artistic Importance of Coloring Agents – A favorite of mine giving quick but good explanations of pigments and dyes both in period and out.

Kremer Pigment – Online commercial provider of period material.  Be sure to choose between German supplier and International Supplier on the right side of your screen.

Natural Pigments – Online commercial provider of period materials.

Making Parchment 1 – The History and Technology of Making Parchment

Making Parchment 2  Picture slideshow with commentary of a Multi-week parchment making workshop held in the Middle Kingdom in 2011.

How to make Glair – Simply the best directions on the internet telling you how to make glair.

Online Manuscript Database 1Berkeley’s online Digital Scriptorium Basic Search.  Click on advanced search near the top right of the screen and you can search for manscripts by place, year, range of years, current location and a whole lot more.  Easy to see why this is usually my first stop when looking for something general.

Online Manuscript Database 2 British Library Catalog of Illuminated Manuscripts – Advanced Search. Simply put one of the greatest online sources for Manuscripts.  This user friendly site holds an immense number of digitized manuscripts.

Online Manuscript Database 3Vatican Digital Archives.  You will need to do some click through.  Pick your language preference and then one the left side of the screen you can pick what you want to look at.

Well that should do it for now.  Plenty of resources for you to get lost in.  I hope they are useful to you.

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  2. Is there any way to add Ancient Earth Pigments to this list? It’s our little online company, but I hesitate to mention it when people ask where to get something because I’m tired of having that mention removed from a group without even telling me. If it’s not allowed, just tell me.

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