More Internet Resources for Scadians – With Downloadables

After the last post I received requests for downloadable internet sources as well.  I scoured my browser favorites and found some resources I hope will both be useful and appreciated. 

General Usefulenss:

Giving Criticism With Love – If you have to comment on someone’s work, remember the advice here before doing so, please.

Map of Europes Tribes

Pictorial Dictionary of HERALDRY – Ever wondered about someone’s arms?  What is that?  Well now you can look it up by picture or term


Chatelaine/Hospitaller Resources(as a former regional Chatelain I found having this resource very useful.

Online Collection in one place

Demo Tip Cards

Newcomers are NiceAdvice to Established Members


Renaissance Dance Database – More than 100 renaissance dances and how to do them.

Fiber Arts:

Historical Costume Patterns – This resource is the work of a single person who has gathered into one spot the work that other people have done.  It is not a collection of their own patterns, much like this is a blog post of other people’s pages not my own.

Miscellaneous (Misc.):

Free books in .pdf – Blacksmithing; Copper and Brass Smithing; Leatherworking; Woodworking


Codex Manesse – “The “Codex Manesse”, also known as the “Great Heidelberg Book of Songs” (Cod. Pal. germ. 848), was created between around 1300 and around 1340 in Zurich and is the most comprehensive collection of ballads and epigrammatic poetry in Middle High German language.”

Book of Kells – Viewable online and iPad app.  I’m not thrilled with how Trinity College (who houses the Book of Kells) has made downloading the .pdf they made very hard to find.

Leonardo da Vinci, Codex Madrid i, 1493 among many codexes that da Vinci has left us.

IAMPETH – Lessons – I can’t say enough good things about IAMPETH.  Get to know their resources if you wish to improve as a calligrapher.

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