Major Event In June – SCA 50

I started working and planning on SCA 50 about nine years ago.  I participated in the AS 50 challenge when it was just getting started.  Since then I have exceeded the AS 50 challenges for persona and for single item (court scrolls) 50 times.  I also decided that taking 50 classes outside my areas of interest/expertise as well as teaching 50 classes inside my areas of expertise was a good idea as well and have exceeded that.  I chose not to document much if any of it though.  This was a way to focus my growth as a Scadian and as a calligrapher and scribe.  It was wonderful and very effective.

I started saving for the event two years ago and in small ways (as I was a local at the time) helping with small parts of SCA 50.  Nothing worth getting attribution but small things, serving where serve I might.  I recently acquired a period replica pen knife and that really topped off my period scribal kit in a wonderful way!  And the information and prototypes regarding metal pens in period has been just absolutely awesome.

And now I find that I may not be able to attend SCA 50.  Since moving to my new (and wonderful) home “life” has cropped up including having car repairs every single month (about 8 months worth) since moving here.  It ate up all the funds and savings I had and as a family we simply can’t afford to send me to the event.

I very much would love to get to SCA 50 and give away the ink that I make and teach.  Of course it will be fun for me as well no argument there.  But to be surrounded by the history of what the SCA was and the present of what it has become is a hard thing for me to miss.

To that end I am giving away thank you gifts to people who choose to help me by donating to my first ever go fund me campaign.  Essentially I will give you calligraphy and/or ink as a thank you for helping me get to AS 50.  I sell my calligraphy and my ink for higher prices (especially when you include shipping) and I’m giving away my work for less because I really do want to say thank you to you.

If somehow I raise more funds than I need then every single penny of that will go to providing classes and materials to scribes, fencers and various Arts and Sciences inside the SCA.  Sort of a materials and classes fund with whatever is brought in over the requested amount.

If I don’t reach the goal, and I can’t raise the rest of the needed funds myself, then I will do the same thing with the funds that were raised until they run out.

If you can and you want to support me and/or the arts and sciences in the SCA, I would greatly appreciate your donation however small.  I will be a good steward of your donated money and will continue to do my best to help others improve their skills in direct line with what I’ve said above. is the direct link.

Thank you very much for reading this.  If you can’t donate, please share with others.

2 responses to “Major Event In June – SCA 50

  1. Cool looking pens. Makes me want to make one for myself. I would probably try sawing the slit and then hammering gently to close it more. But I probably won’t have the time to try it. Thanks for the wonderful look at the past!

    • You’re welcome. One of the creators engraved a line for the slit and then used a very small chisel to create the slit. It worked much better than the smallest jeweler saw cutting the slit.

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