Sometimes it breaks

Things break.  Its part of life.  We learn this as small children.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot more aplomb about things breaking today then I did when I was five.  Normally.  And then there are days like today where a broken thing has to be dealt with somewhat immediately.


Broken muller

Yup, that is my muller for grinding down and making pigments.  It came off during regular use.

For reference this is what it is supposed to look like.



Knob placed back on for the picture.

So a quick drive down to the local home supply store and I purchased some super glue gel.  I put it on and in am now waiting the two hours it will take to maybe be able to use.  Otherwise it will be 24 hours.  This by the way is the strongest argument for having two mullers.

Oh?  What was I working with?


Red Ocher with water

Yup, that’s it.  Just red ocher with water.  I was about two minutes away from adding in gum arabic water but hadn’t yet.  The muller was stuck on the slab.  I removed it from the slab and washed it off, losing pigment.  Thankfully just about the entire State I live in is made of red ocher so it didn’t cost me any money to lose the pigment.  Had it been something I purchased it would have.

The tool shouldn’t have broken on this, but it did.  And the fix is easy if time consuming.  As artists of any sort, this is going to happen.  Things are going to break.  So keep your head and get them fixed with the least amount of swearing and loss of product as possible.  Okay, maybe a normal amount of swearing.

In the meantime the red ocher will dry on the slab.  When it becomes time to test the muller for use, I will wet it back down and get it back to the proper consistency.  Then I will test the muller.  If the muller is ready, yay!  I will continue on with the pigment making.  If not, I will redo the whole thing and wait the appointed 24 hours.  Thankfully the project deadline will allow for that.

This is a product I have available in my ETSY store.

ADDENDUM – The glue worked in two hours.  Very nice.  Project completed now.

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