The Stuff I’m Not Interested In, But You Might Be.

There are lots of areas of Pre-17th century research that frankly I have little to no interest in studying.  Oh, I’m enough of an information hound that I like running across snips and tidbits and enjoy a conversation or two about things I don’t know much if anything about.  But I’m not interested in studying them.  Or in many cases even really learning how to do it.

But you might be. 

I mean come on, who wants to learn about where ingredients come from that are used in making medieval ink or how to make the stuff yourself?  Well, I do.  And so do many of my regular readers. But we know, we aren’t exactly a large percentage of the population.  That’s okay.

And so it is that I share things that I come across that I don’t particularly care much for myself.    And if I can somehow help out my fellow pre-17th century geeks with their think that they love, well my work here is accomplished for now.

So along that avenue:

Period dogs.

Its an area of study I learned about around a decade ago. Not something I am particularly interested in but for those that are, I hope this resource is useful to you.
Viking Language
Not my thing.  I’m not much interested in Viking language.  Sure the sagas are great but I prefer my English modern translations.  That said these papers seem to be a particularly good source for those interested in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of Old Norse and Icelandic language.
English Moneyers

The fine art of making money.  Not earning money actually making it.  This has some good information about the Yorkist Kings and their money.
Medieval Courts Across Religions
Definitely a niche area of study if every I saw one.  This paper focuses on the legal practices between Jewish and Christian Religions.
Medieval Nichnames
A fun little area that could be rather interesting.  Here is an article about 10 nicknames.
Water and Wine on the Table
There were apparently medicinal, practical as well as religious reasons to have wine and water on the table.  This paper explores that.
Medieval Construction of Roads
Road building is really a very important thing.  Especially for trade routes and stuff.  Not my thing but if its yours this paper on methods of construction for roads  of medieval Wroclaw might be right up your alley.

Mongol Invasion

Okay the Mongols are pretty cool.  Pretty much had the largest empire ever seen on earth at one point.  Interested in burial and hoard items during the mongol invasion of Central and Eastern Europe?  Well here you go!

There is a lot of stuff out there to read and learn about.  Keep an eye out when you’re doing your own research.  If you find stuff you aren’t interested in, share it with those who might be.  Let us all help each other out.

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