Quarantine Calligraphy

Hey. How are we all doing?

Pandemic Covid – 19.

Some people reading this are in places that are under lockdown or quarantine of some kind. Others not so much.

At least doing calligraphy exercises all the precautions for not spreading Covid-19.

1 – You can do it alone without others around. In fact its kind of the smart way to do it.

2 – You should be washing your hands before you do calligraphy so you don’t get your hand oils on the work. And should probably wash your hands afterwards. You don’t want to spread around those ink stains on your hand do you?

3 – Don’t be reaching up and touching your face. You can poke an eye out with that thing or worse get ink on you face. Ask me how I learned that one. LOL. By the way, ink doesn’t taste very good.

4 – And cough into your elbow. You hand is occupied with the most dangerous weapon in the world, THE PEN. So cough into your elbow instead.

Be smart. Stay healthy as you can. Take care of yourselves.

And if you want to let some of your unused computer RAM help fight off Covid – 19 think of joining my team on Folding at Home.

Link takes you to my blog post about it.

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