SCA Classes, Awards, Accomplishments and Articles – An incomplete listing:


Arts and Sciences

Metal Pens pre-17th Century” January 7, 2023 Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

“Tool and advanced uses/issues/solution with them.” January 9, 2022

“Scribal Chat” December 19, 2021

“Manuscript to Ductus Pt 2” December 5, 2021

“Manuscript to Ductus Pt 1” November 28, 2021

“How to Make Iron Gall Ink” November 13, 2021 – Ansteorra Queen’s Champion

“How to Make Brazilwood Ink” November 13, 2021 – Ansteorra Queen’s Champion

“Scribal Research and Interkingdom Scribal practices” October 24, 2021

Bastarda French 1450 1499 – An intermediate look at Batarde October 23, 2021
Trimaris, Shire of Sengre del Sol Ex Opus 2021: The Decameron event.

“Batard Capitals N – Z October 10, 2021

“Batarde Capitals A – M September 19, 2021

“The Rest of Batarde” August 22, 2021

“Batarde – a-m and some” August 8, 2021

“Insular Majuscule Q – Z” July 25, 2021

“Insular Majuscule A – P” July 11, 2021

“The Quill Pen” Trimaris Royal University July 10, 2021

“Gothic Litura Bastarda. Or another Batarde” Trimaris Royal University July 10, 2021

“Scroll Layout and Design” KWHSS, Saturday, July 10, 2021

“Proto-Gothic” KWHSS Friday Night, July 9, 2021

June 6, 2021 “Carolingian Capitals”
Link to the online manuscript mentioned in the video (Merton College MS 160):

“Scribal Miscellany – Care, Mainenance and Modificaiton of tools and materials” May 30, 2021

“Carolingian Minuscule Its History and Writing” Kings College Ansteorra. May 8, 2021

“Carolingian Minuscule – The Minuscules” May 2, 2021

“Layout Basics” A very basic overview of doing layout. Heavily focused on setting up a scroll award. April, 25, 2021

“Puzzling Calligraphy” How to put the letters together to make words and be pretty. April 11, 2021

“Uncial O – Z” Uses the above Uncial Ductus. March 28, 2021

“Beginning Uncial – A – N” March 21, 2021

“Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Calligraphy – How easy it really can be” March 14, 2021

Bonwicke Work Day – March 13, 2021 – “Carolingian Minuscule”

King’s College (Barony of Namron, Kingdom of Ansteorra) June 2016
– “Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Calligraphy. How Easy it Really Can Be.” 2 hrs
– “Golden Ratio – A way to do it” 1 hr
– “Proto-Gothic – What came between Carolingian Minuscule and Gothic” 1 hr

“Court Scrolls From Recommendation to the Recipient’s Wall.”

“Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Calligraphy. How easy it really can be.”

“Making Iron Gall Ink”

“Making Walnut Ink”

“Making Brazilwood Ink”

“The Golden Ratio – A way to do Layout”

“The Golden Ratio – The Villard Diagram”

“Court Scrolls”

“King Arthur Throughout the Ages”

“King Arthur Myth vs Fact – A Round Table Discussion”

“Gender Roles in Period.”

“Proto-Gothic – A transitional script.” History, analysis and ductus creation

“Batarde 1450” An advanced class using a French Batarde script from 1450 to teach script analysis and ductus creation.

“Quill Cutting”

“Scribal Materials and Tools”

“Formal Transcription Methods and Practice”

“Scribal Prep for Calligraphy”

“Taking the Next Step”

“What Script is that?”


“Chatelaine Paperwork”

“Everyone is a Chatelaine”

“The Chatelaine Dark Side”

“Chatelaine 101, Jack of all Trades, Referrer of All.”

Martial Arts

“The Point of Measure” Taught at: KWAR/KWCS 2012 by request; Constellation Academy of Defense – 2010, 2011, 2012; Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense – 2010

“Inspecting Your Fencer On and Off the field.” Taught at: Constellation Academy of Defense 2012, 2013

“How to form a kill pocket”

“How to break a kill pocket”

“Out thinking your opponent”

“Rapier Basics”


Companion of the Iris of Merit (GoA A&S – Ansteorra 2022);
Companion of the Evergreen (GoA A&S – Middle 2012);
Grant of Arms (2012);
Award of the Sable Thistle – Scribal Scholarship – (AoA A&S – Ansteorra 2020);
Award of the Sable Thistle – Calligraphy – (AoA A&S – Ansteorra 2019):
Companion of the Silver Oak (AoA, Science – Middle 2011);
Award of the Purple Fret (2x) (AoA Service – Middle 2008, 2015);
Companion of the Cavendish Knot (AoA Rapier – Middle 2010);
Award of Arms (2006);
Award of the Golden Needle 2020 (Non-Armigerous, Barony of Bonwicke, Ansteorra A&S);
Award of the Argent Fleur 2021 (non-armigerous Barony of Namron, Ansteorra A&S);
Award of the Purple Fretty 2009 (As a Member of the Thieves of Hearts) (Group Award Service non-Armigerous, Middle Kingdom );
Award of the Dragon’s Flight (As a Member of the Thieves of Hearts) (Group Awards Archery non-Armigerous 2011, Middle Kingdom);
Award of the Dragon’s Teeth (As a member of the Thieves of Hearts) (Group Award Fighting non-Armigerous 2015, Middle Kingdom);
Grove (As a Member of the Thieves of Hearts) (Group Award A&S Non-Armigerous 2019 Middle Kingdom)


– Deputy Media Officer Barony of Namron – Current

– Deputy Rapier Marshal Barony of Namron – 2018-2020

Chatelain (Hospitaller):

– Deputy Hospitaller Barony of Namron – Current

– Constellation Regional Chatelain May, 2014 to July 2015

– Shire of Mynydd Seren – June 2010 to May 2011

– Shire of Grey Gargolyes – 2005 to 2008


Deputy Constellation Signet May 2014 to July 2015


Autocrat – Constellation Scribal Event April 2012

Ayreton Towne Cryer – 2005 to 2008


Midrealm Scroll Blank Challenge 2012 to 2013

Midrealm Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge, 2011 to 2012

Middle Kingdom Total Scroll Blanks donated to 2014: 780

Northshield Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge 2008 – Helped create and run, hosted “Google Sites” website; 2010 – Hosted “Google Site” website

The Scroll Blank/Scroll Case Challenge has been done a total of nine Kingdoms.


Blog: ScribeScribbling More than 100 countries read.

Scribal Resources for Scadians – Host “Google Site” website: (Now Defunct due to Google changes)

PINDEX (Now Defunct due to Pindex being discontinued)

FACEBOOK Group owner or moderator

SCA Calligraphers – Admin

Period Pigment Palette – Moderator

Advancing Scribe Forum – Admin

Aspiring Scribes Forum – Admin

Oak Springs – Admin

Greenman Calligraphy – Admin/Owner

Greenman Calligraphy Instructors – Admin/Owner

Focused Craftsfolk – Admin/Owner

SCA Royal Facepalm – Admin

Scribal Book Club for Scadians – Admin/Owner

Known World Scribal Resource Wiki – Owner/Admin

Sable Star Scribblers School – The Teachers – Owner/Admin

Sable Star Scribblers School – The Participants – Owner/Admin

Iron Ring of the Midrealm – Owner/Admin


Known World Scribal Resources Wiki – Admin

Schola Giovanni Rapier Repository – Contributor



Ansteorra Kingdom 2022 – Bifolium

High Score – Ansteorra Kingdom 2015 – Metal Pens in Period

1st Place – Iron Gall Inks – Middle Kingdom A&S Faire 2013

1st Place – Cipher Ink (invisible ink)- Middle Kingdom A&S Faire 2013

1st Place – Iron Gall Inks – South Oaken Regional A&S Faire 2013

1st Place – Cypher Ink (invisible ink) South Oaken Regional A&S Faire 2013

2nd Place – Calligraphy Kingdom A&S Faire 2012

1st Place – Calligraphy – Constellation Regional A&S Faire 2012

A&S Monthly – Midrealm Artisan of the month May AS XLVI (2011)

2nd place – Ink Making – Kingdom A&S faire 2011

2nd place – Calligraphy – Constellations Regional A&S Faire 2011

1st place – Ink Making – Constellation regaional A&S Faire 2011

2nd place – Calligraphy – Midrealm Kingdom A&S faire 2006

1st place Calligraphy- Midlands regional A&S Faire 2006


Stanford’s “Digging Deeper” online class – Week 3 originally now Week 2, Blog post “Ink Ingredients Modern and Medieval.”

J. Herbin blog post “Ink Recipes in Period.”

ProfessorCarol “Carolingian Minuscule”


Articles Published

“How Do You Define Your Win?” The Thorny Truth, Shire of Rosenfel, July 2021

“The Don’t Speech” The Thorny Truth, Shire of Rosenfel, July 2021

“On Households, Guilds, Etc. in the SCA” The Equinox – Shire of Sol Haven – July 2020

“Scribal Ink Charts” Stefan’s Florilegium January 30, 2020 Listed on the Aethelmearc Gazette Feb 24, 2020

“The Don’t Speech” Let It Be Knowne – Shire of Owlshest – April 2019

“How to Get Better at Your Calligraphy – A Reminder for the Rest of Us” The Tydes – Release given 12/2018

“Defining Your Win” Local Newsletter for the Barony of Crossaire – Release given 10/2017

“Basic Ink Making – A guide” The Equinox – Shire of Sol Haven – Release given 01/2016

“On the Arts and Sciences In the SCA – A Perspective” At Swords Point – Release given 11/2015

“On the Arts and Sciences In the SCA – A Perspective” SouthKeep Chronicler- Release given 11/2015

“Basic Ink Making – A guide” Fret Knot – Release given 08/2013

“Making Ink With Ian the Green” –, June 11, 2013

“New Year Ink – Experimental Success” The Northwatch, Pg 9, February, 2013

“Creative Ink” November and December AS XLVI (2011) issue A&S Monthly for the Midrealm

“A gentle introduction to Calligraphy” The Skein (October, November 2008) – Barony of Jaravellir

“How to Write Calligraphy” – Artes Draconis Pg 4 – Fall 2007

“An Introduction to Calligraphy and Pens” – Artes Draconis Pg 6 – Fall 2007


Known World Scribal Wiki

Calf to Codex Project

Parchment Making Workshop I, II, III, IV

Deer Skin Project Making

Ink Making


Middle Kingdom Scroll Blank Challenge AS 47

Middle Kingdom Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge AS 46

Northshield Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge the First


Positions Held:

Marshal: Past: Ansteora; Middle Kingdom; Northshield

Rapier Marshal Pennsic 40

Marshal for Cut and Thrust: Past: Middle Kingdom

Marshal for Grappling Experiment: Past: Middle Kingdom

One of the first four instructors for the Cut and Thrust Grappling Experiment

Heavy Rapier: 8/2005 to 3/2020 Past: Ansteorra; Middle Kingdom (not for two-handed), Northshield (all).

Cut and Thrust Authorized 2/2014 to 3/2020. Past: Ansteorra, Middle Kingdom.


Grappling Experiment Middle Kingdom 2/2014 to 7/2015 moved to Ansteorra


Mynydd Seren Premiere Rapier Champion, February 2013 to June 2013 (moved quickly thereafter)

Defender of the Iron Ring of Northshield #37, #39, #42

Defender of the Iron Ring of the Middle Kingdom 6x

Prima Spada Participant – Started at rank 37 and finished at rank 17.

Captain – Thieves of Hearts (internal rank only)

Line commander at Pennsic 35


“Midlands Melee Manual” (rapier) Creator, Chief Editor, Contributing Author


Newcomer’s Section

“How do you define your win?;”

“SCA – What Not To Wear,”

“On Households, Guilds etc in the SCA”

Scribal Arts

“Ink Making”

“A Pen to Seize – Metal pens in period”

“Oak Gall Inks”

Combat – Rapier

“The Point of Measure – Using measure to defeat your opponent”

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