Greenman Scribal and Calligraphy Presentations

In February of 2021 I was approached to help teach a diverse group of people calligraphy for SCA and Amtgard. Amtgard I am told has a very similar almost same approach to written scrolls as the SCA. I said, I would be happy to do that and start from the beginning and go from there. I created a Facebook group for easy chatting and distribution of information. The group’s name is Greenman Calligraphy. I started doing class presentation in March of 2021. Every class has been recorded from Zoom. They are unprepared and unscripted. Meaning, I taught the classes just like someone would if they were in front of you. But of course adapted to being taught online.

I share it here off Facebook for those who may wish to have a different way to access the class list.

Here is the class list: