Life moves sideways

So we are uprooting the family and moving.  Moving is not a simple or quick process and so please do not expect regular posts until October.

If you have seen me on Betterfly please feel free to make use of the calligraphy information I have here on my blog.

Okay on to medieval documents.

Pay your bills.  Especially if you owe the Crown.   This is Ricketts 259 in the Lilly Library.  (The pictures in the link are really good as is the information)


Seems a Lord took pillows from the Royal Clothiers and hadn’t paid the bill.  King Henry VIII himself penned the pay up bill.


Payment due immediately upon reading this bill.

It is a beautiful script.

Though the parchment is flawed.


Reinforced from behind just in case.


And the seal is also parchment interestingly.


Pay your bills.

Alright, moving calls.  I hope everyone can put up with me moving.  Regular posting to resume in October.


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